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Seychellois president Danny Faure commended TDB during its 33rd Annual General Meeting of the Board of Governors, held last August in Beau Vallom, Seychelles. President Faure was in the company of distinguished guests, including H.E. Rupiah Bwezani, the former President of the Republic of Zambia; Dr. Donald Kaberuka, former President of the African Development Bank; and Sindiso Nwenya, the Secretary General of COMESA. 

During his opening address, President Faure highlighted Seychelles’ enduring and flourishing relationship with TDB, which he described as “rising up towards the vision of its founders”.  He brought attention to the Bank’s involvement in key projects that have helped to improve the lives of the citizens of its Member States. Eden Island and Ephelia Resort, two projects financed by TDB in Seychelles, have led to significant job creation, and have contributed to tax receipts, allowing the government to better support local programs.

The President also emphasized  Seychelles’ commitment to the promise of regional integration, and stressed the important role of financial institutions in achieving this, noting, “They reinforce the values of unity and people-centred development, essential for our continent’s economic and political revival.”

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