Trade Finance

Trade Finance

TDB’s trade finance services are designed for all businesses that carry out trade activities aimed at advancing and integrating the regions’ economies. The Bank believes that trade activities that lead to social and economic development deserve unreserved support.

In trade finance, our aim is to facilitate trade flows from, to, and within the COMESA region, and also to assist in technology and expertise transfer into the Region.

We provide tailor-made trade finance facilities to ensure that exporters receive timely and adequate payment for their exports and that importers receive value for their money. Eligible applicants are commercial entities that are incorporated or registered in the member states of the Bank.

Information Required For Processing Credit Requests

  • A formal application to the Bank
  • A comprehensive feasibility study or business plan
  • Regulatory approvals
  • Environmental Study, sector specific
  • Permits, land titles/lease
  • Audited financial statements for the past three financial years
  • Off-taker/supplier agreements
  • Projects specific documents
  • PC Contract, Power Purchase Agreements, Design, Bill of Quantities, Management Contracts, Technical Feasibilty Studies