Consulting & Procurement

Consulting & Procurement

The philosophy of TDB balances the overall organizational requirements for economy, efficiency, transparency, accountability and espouses flexibility and responsiveness to the particular operational circumstances.

Request for Quotation – Fun Pack for Staff Wellness Day

Request for Quotation – 2021 Fun Pack – Staff Wellness Day

July 30, 2021
Request for Proposals for Records Storage Racks

RfP for Records Storage Racks

July 30, 2021
Request for Proposals for Needs Assessment and Technical Assistance Strategy Development

Needs Assessment and Strategy Development RFP July27.2021

July 27, 2021
Terms of Reference – Virtual Event Organizer -East African Banking Forum 2021

Terms of Reference-East Africa Banking Forum Revised-2021

July 7, 2021
Terms of Reference for Security, Cleaning and Fumigation of TDB Nairobi Offices

Terms of Reference – TDB Security Fumigation

June 7, 2021