Project & Infrastructure Finance

Project & Infrastructure Finance

The Project and Infrastructure Finance business support TDB’s mission to advance regional growth through the provision of innovative medium to long-term financing instruments with tenors of up to 15 years.

Through this window, TDB plays a critical role in de-risking greenfield projects and brings value addition that is not often provided by conventional banks. More specifically, TDB’s financing under this window contributes to  enhancing energy security while catering to climate change mitigation and adaptation imperatives; improving health, education, and poverty outcomes via access to viable social and economic infrastructure; higher export efficiency and the generation of forex via strategic investment in transport and logistics; and in general, supporting local ownership, import substitution, creation of employment, strengthening of value chains, increase in production, and promotion of trade and regional integration, including cross-border trade via infrastructure.

Solutions offered include direct loans, lines of credit, loan guarantees, equity participation and mezzanine debt, advisory and appraisal services, guarantees, syndications, and leasing.

Information Required For Processing Credit Requests

Applications for credit facilities should include details of information on the following:

  • Background and information on the borrower, including professional data on the principle shareholders
  • Details on the facility required
  • Key industry information
  • Details of the management team and structure
  • Marketing plans
  • Financial analysis and
  • Details of securities offered to the bank