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The Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change of Seychelles and the Trade and Development Bank (TDB) are pleased to announce the holding of the ‘Regional Meeting on Indian Ocean Islands Liquified Natural Gas’, to be held on the 11th and 12th of October 2018 at the Eden Bleu Hotel, on Eden Island, Seychelles.

With the aim of supporting and achieving their economic and environmental goals, many countries have actively been exploring methods to produce greener energy, while reducing electricity prices and enhancing energy security. The switch from heavy fuel oil (HFO) to Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) could be a key component in achieving this goal, allowing countries access to cleaner and affordable fuel.

In the pursuit of this initiative, the Ministry of Environment, Energy and  Climate Change of Seychelles has been in talks with the Trade and Development Bank (TDB) to involve all Indian Ocean Island Nations in the LNG initiative. Commitment from Mauritius, Comoros, Madagascar, Seychelles and Réunion Island to jointly import LNG through a central procurement unit would allow for creation of a larger anchor base, and would leverage economies of scale, to the benefit of all Indian Ocean Island Nations.

All main stakeholders involved in the LNG initiative will be present, including members of the Indian Ocean Island Nations ministries of Energy and Finance, as well as key service providers within this field, namely Poten and Partners, BWSC, Modec, Total, Seypec, Vivo and others.




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Denis Matatiken

Special Advisor to the Minister
Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change
T: +248 461 0740  M: +248 272 3417
Email: dmatatiken@env.gov.sc

Ms. Nadine Woodcock

Business Development & Investment Executive
Société Seychelloise d’Investissement Limited (SSIL)
T: +248 432 6031 M: +248 282 2135
Email: nwoodcock@ssi.sc

Mr. Daniel Lam Chun

Head Deal Structuring & Financial Modeling/
Head Coverage Franco-Lusophone Africa
Deal Structuring & Financial Modeling

Trade and Development Bank
T: +230 4 601 512 M: + 230 5 989 4745
Email: Daniel.Lamchun@tdbgroup.org

Ms. Floride Gahushi

Administrative & Protocol Officer
Trade and Development Bank
T: +230 4 601 507 M: + 230 5 73 40351
Email: Floride.Gahushi@tdbgroup.org