The Bank is governed by a Board of Governors (BOG), which is comprised of shareholders’  representatives and is responsible for exercising all the powers of the Bank. The BOG has delegated some of its functions to the Board of Directors (BOD) but still retains full powers and exercises authority over any such delegated powers. The BOD is responsible for the conduct and general operations of the Bank.

The President is the Chief  Executive Officer of the Bank and is responsible for the conduct and management of the business of the Bank on a day-to-day basis.

Our senior management comprise of the heads of each functional department as per the organizational structure below.

The Corporate Affairs and
Investor Relations Department

Responsible for initiating and strengthening TDB’s relationships and partnerships with its shareholders and partners through communication with a focus on Business  development.

The Finance Department

Responsible for ensuring timely  availability of accurate and readily usable financial information, and of adequate funds to meet all  operational requirements. Its main focus is thus on budgeting and  control, financial reporting and  resource mobilization and  management.

The Human Resources
& Administration Department

Responsible for the Bank’s human resources and administrative support services.

The Legal Department

Responsible for the Bank’s legal affairs.

The Projects and Infrastructure Finance Department

Responsible for developing the  pipeline, appraising the projects and taking them through the  documentation process up to first  disbursement.

The Trade Finance Department

Provides trade finance facilities to support export and import trade flows from, to and within the COMESA region.

The Portfolio Management Department

Responsible for the administration and monitoring of loans and  investments from first disbursement of funds through project  implementation.

The Compliance and Risk
Management Department

This is a governance, control and
assurance department responsible for managing and reporting of prevalent risks across the Bank and monitoring of compliance with
internal controls.